Storybook Academy

Early Learning Program

Early Learning: ages 36 mo and up

Our Kindergarten Readiness - Early Learning Program is gently guided by the use of proven, evidence-based curriculum. True to our nature-based focus a designated outdoor classroom area allows us to support children’s growing curiosity about the world around them and also provide an enjoyable and pleasant atmosphere for daily lessons.

As children’s language skills develop and strengthen, we encourage them to ask questions and to express their emotions. We also assist children in learning to navigating social relationships with ease and grace. Belonging to a group is an important milestone at this age, allowing us to begin building children’s self-esteem and celebrating their individuality.

Designed to be welcoming and captivating, our kindergarten readiness program provides areas for children to be curious, energetic, and eager learners. Art, sensory, blocks, language, manipulatives, science, math and dramatic play areas are all richly enhanced with unique and beautiful loose parts materials that encourage open-ended play. These natural, found, and real-life items help to provide endless opportunities for children to use their creativity, develop their emerging sense of self, and learn at their own pace. Play opportunities are provided regularly throughout the day to encourage each child’s sense of discovery.

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