Storybook Academy



Storybook Academy's program is the result of researching proven evidence-based curriculums. We take the time to develop weekly lesson plans and learning goals. Taking the best parts of several beloved curriculums we have created our own home-grown program that utilizes an evolved outdoor, nature-based learning strategy which is supported by traditional proven curriculums. 

Curriculums we are currently utilizing in our program include the following:

Positive Action

Positive Action is an evidence-based, integrated and coherent program that addresses the school's entire eco-system—school, family, and community. Positive Action promotes choice at a very fundamental level—whether to do positive or negative actions. It teaches the Thoughts-Actions-Feelings about Self Circle, which depicts the philosophy by illustrating how thoughts lead to actions and actions to feelings about yourself and back to thoughts.


Research-Based and Proven

Abeka’s original curriculum textbooks are researched and written by veteran educators, then tested in the real world.

Blossom and Root

"Creative, flexible, hands-on curriculum with a focus on nature, literature, STEM, and art"

The Good and the Beautiful

The Good and the Beautiful was founded by a homeschool mother who wanted to find beauty, joy, and powerful academics in homeschool, but was becoming overwhelmed and finding that no curriculum was working the way she had hoped. As a professional writer herself, and with the resources to pull in a group of experts, and a vision of what homeschool curriculum could be, she began creating her own curriculum. Now The Good and the Beautiful is a team of over 70 writers, experts, reviewers, educators, and editors that are working daily on the goals of making homeschool:

  • Easy
  • Beautiful
  • Affordable
  • Academically Solid
  • Character-Building and Joyful
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