Storybook Academy

Unique Advantages

Unique Advantages

Each child has distinctive strengths, and at Storybook Academy, our team of early childhood education experts craft environments and experiences tailored to leverage these individual skills. Grounded in research, our emergent curriculum fosters a sense of discovery, nurtures curiosity, and instills confidence in children starting from ages x – x.

  Nestled in a quiet neighborhood, Storybook features an inviting indoor play space and a unique outdoor classroom. Storybook Academy is located 1 mile from Marian medical hospital. Keep or cut/move?

At Storybook Academy, our promise to you includes: 

  • Ensuring a secure and enriching learning space with dedicated early childhood educators and experts in childcare.
  • Fostering emotional well-being and intellectual growth to support each child's development, ensuring peace of mind for parents.
  • Proven best practices for educational and personal development.
  • Whole foods and USDA based meal plans
  • Large outdoor exploration area with access to an organic garden
  • Music and arts program
  • Healthy lifestyle focus which includes yoga for kids and story time

Storybook Academy Unique Advantages

The Storybook Academy experience is about the sense of comfort and security you feel when your child is warmly greeted each morning by quality childcare staff and the pride you feel in your child’s daily progress and accomplishments. When families visit us for the first time, they comment on how the look and feel of our home and program is unlike any other local childcare program they have seen. The only way to fully appreciate the advantages of Storybook Academy is to schedule a tour and come see for yourself.

“ Leaps and bounds above the other childcare options we have toured” - SBA parent

When you choose Storybook Academy, you are choosing a community of care for your entire family.

All-inclusive tuition

We know families with young children are very busy. After all, we have families too!
Our all-inclusive tuition provides benefits that will save you valuable time each day. Base tuition includes:

  • Learning materials and curriculum
  • Nutritious meals and healthy snacks, USDA based with organic options when available.
  • Support services, including individualized care by our own on-site registered nurse
  • Daily updates, photos, and videos of your child’s activities, naps, meals, and milestones
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